The Victor Logo

Come experience The Victor ---

a Spirit-filled musical and dramatic presentation of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Feel your own commitment deepen ---

as you hear and see Benjamin's life change when he recounts the story of Christ's final week - His miraculous healings, His forgiveness of sins, His perseverance in prayer for each one of us, His Last Supper with the disciples, the mockery of His trials, and ultimately His death on the cross.

Then, delight in the glory of His resurrection and ascension ---

as He charges each of us to carry out to the world His message of love for all.

This celebration of the Easter season has grown steadily in community following since its initial performance in 1991. Along with the choir members, the talented cast is made up of members of Southport Heights Christian Church, including ministers, young children and teens, and members of the deaf ministry. As always, each presentation will be signed for the hearing impaired.

The Victor is a "must see" for you and your family this Easter season.

Come experience the joy of our Lord!