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Chris CHRIS - I played Martha, Lazarus' sister, in The Victor last year. That was the first time I grasped the brutality of Christ's crucifixion. Through my tears, I watched as Jesus was tortured and nailed to the cross. And as He hung there in agony with His arms outstretched, I heard Him say "Chris, this is how much I love you." I was flooded with guilt and joy and reverence and awe. I will never forget that night, when Christ showed me the reality and depth of his love.
DOLORES - For years my line in The Victor during the riot scene was "He claims to be a king." Last year when I said those words, I was looking into Jesus' eyes, and I was convicted so much that I cried. This year I gladly let someone else say these lines because I could not say them to my lord again. The production of Jesus' last week makes you believe you are living it with him, from the triumphal entry to being crucified on the cross. The joy you feel when he's resurrected is hard to put into words. Come be a part of his last week. I guarantee you will walk away changed. Dee
Hobey HOBEY - For the last three years of The Victor I have portrayed Pilot. Every time I look down at Jesus (even though I know the man who is portraying him) I look into his eyes and I'm convicted each and every time.
BOB - Playing my part as the "Rabble Rouser," I see that I continually cause Christ to go to the cross for my sins. Then, when I move to my spot on the "Via Dolorosa," my tears and sadness are very real. He did that for me, "Amazing Love." Bob
Pam PAM - It takes a lot of work to present The Victor, but during each performance I see the faces in the audience, hear their responses, and realize the truth in what is happening. I still cannot fully understand God's love for me.
KELLEA - This program brought the Bible to life for me. It helped to make Jesus' death and resurrection a reality. Anyone seeing it will be moved to tears. Kellea
Mark MARK - The Victor is a chance to tell the story again and refresh it in the minds of believers. It is a time to worship and participate in the story in human history. It is a time of sore vocal chords... splinters from stage construction... back spasms and aching feet... and joy for the gift of the chance to suffer in a small way for Him.
SEAN - To see the final days of the Son of God on earth acted out in such a powerful way really helps my understanding of the Gospels. To read them and imagine the scenes in your mind is awesome, but to actually see a representation with such beautifully arranged music "brings it home." Sean
Dorothy DOROTHY - The Victor has had a great impact on my life by making the suffering of Jesus very real to me. What a price to pay for my salvation! It is the best presentation of its kind that I have ever seen.
KERRI - The Victor is awesome. I've been a Christian for many years, but it wasn't until I was in The Victor that I truly realized how much Christ loves me. He died for me! Who else would do that for me or for you? I pray that our portrayal of his last days will show those who have no relationship with him what they're missing and what he willingly did for us. Kerri
Gary GARY - I have played Judas four years now and it is so easy to think of Judas as the ultimate villain, the scum of the earth. But he started out with noble intentions. He left what he had to follow Jesus. He wanted to serve God. Maybe not so unlike you and me, he lost his focus and decided to serve himself instead. In so many ways, I think we all betray Jesus from time to time.
MIRIAM - The Victor made me feel much closer to God. I treasure the precious moments spent with my choir comrades. The Victor made a lasting impression I'll never forget. Participation is so much more exciting than just watching. Miriam
Evelyn EVELYN - The Victor was a very emotional experience for me. A person can read about Jesus being crucified, but our presentation is so real that you feel like you are there! The music, drama, and costume sets are fantastic! It is a privilege to be a part of this. Everyone needs to come - do not miss this presentation!
RON - Last year was my first and I was thinking of it as just a production until the first performance. Then when I saw Jesus flogged and hung on the cross, it became very hard for me to sing. I felt transported back to that time and felt guilty for what I had been a part of. Then when Jesus rose from the dead, I felt incredible joy that he went through all this for me. I have not been the same since. Ron
Yvonne YVONNE - Last year was my first. It was just a story to me; however, it became more real during each performance. The last one was the most powerful for me. During the first song I suddenly realized Jesus really went through the pain, suffering and humiliation we were portraying. It has given me a more personal relationship with God than I have ever had and a deeper understanding of what He wants of me.
STEPHANIE - My son Trevor (pictured) was three years old the first time he watched it. He was able to tell mommy what the real meaning of Easter was. That is something coming from a three-year-old! Trevor
Becky BECKY - The Victor is the most powerful drama/musical I have ever been a part of. Although there is no way I can begin to feel the emotions that must have been felt in those days, I think The Victor helps to make our Lord and Saviorís sacrifice for us more real. From construction to completion, The Victor is a blessing.
PAT - I have been in The Victor since the first year and every year I get something more out of it. The mother Mary had a beautiful song and it made me think of how wonderful and challenging motherhood would be - and how rough without leaning daily on Christ. Pat
Susan SUSAN - The Victor gave me a real life picture of the suffering Jesus Christ actually did for us on the cross.
SHERI - For several years I saw The Victor from the audience's point of view. It moved me, even after hearing the Word of Jesus all my life. It continues to move me as I see the faces of the audience now from a new perspective - participating in the delivery of The Victor. Whether you are a new Christian, old Christian, or non-Christian this program reaches everyone and our world needs to hear it time and time again. Praise God for The Victor! Sheri
Linda LINDA - Every time we have done The Victor I see something new and become more aware of what Christ has done for me. I feel the hurt in the mob scene when we yell "Crucify", then the mood changes and I feel the agony of the cross.
ERIN - I am glad we have The Victor every year so we can have new visitors to learn about Jesus. Erin
Libby LIBBY - The Victor is the biggest thing that is in the school year. The last time we did this it just really touched my heart so much. Now I will be in it every time I get a chance.
LORI - The Victor has touched my heart so much. It makes me feel closer to God. Lori
Samantha SAMANTHA - The Victor is an exciting event. It is a great opportunity to know God. This is great to be doing.
Madeline - It is a very impactful presentation. It renews your faith and reminds you of what the Lord did for us. The message is what impressed me the most about "THE VICTOR". Madeline
Ron Ron - Seeing "The Victor" will certainly change the heart of those that witness this portrayal of the last days of Christ before His crucifixion, after His resurrection and to His ascension. The lifelike drama scenes and the added special effects which give the audience the -feeling that they are actually there witnessing everything. From the sound of a cracking whip against Jesus' back, the pounding of the spikes through His hands, to the clouds created during the ascension scene. The action keeps you on the edge of your seat. It will bring you to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Because it shows you first hand the price that had to be paid for us to be redeemed and be brought into a personal relationship with a perfect God.

For the Christian it is a reminder of what had to be done so that we would no longer be separated from God. And for the non-Christian the message says look there is really a God out there that loves us, so much in fact that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.

I've seen it three times and This will be my second opportunity to participate in the production. I believe that the audience will be in for a great production. Many hours are spent preparing and planning this performance, from the lifelike stage setup to endless choir rehearsals.

If we can just reach out to one person and show them the love of Christ I feel the production will have been a great success. Many people will be touched by this performance. Will one of those people be you? I hope so.

Shelly - It's a wonderful re-telling of the last week of Jesus' life. It helps you to identify with some of the turmoil that was experienced by the people involved with Jesus at that traumatic time. I know for me, it has helped me appreciate Him all the more. Shelly
Photo coming soon TOM - The Victor is the most exciting Christian musical I've ever been in. It is so real I get goose bumps during every performance. I've participated in six of the seven years we have performed. It's just as alive the sixth year as it was the first.
JERRI - It brought the story to life for me and made me appreciate what Jesus went through for me.  It made me more bold in witnessing and helped me to rely on the Lord with a deeper conviction. Photo coming soon

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