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The Victor: A Pictorial Storyline

Scene 1 Jesus Performs Miracles

Jesus performed many miracles during his time here on the earth. The ones mentioned on this page are raising Lazarus from the dead and healing the crowds.

Scene 2 Jesus with the Little Children

Besides instructing and encouraging adults, Jesus also spent time with children. This page shows Jesus interacting with them.

Scene 3 Jesus Showing His Disciples How to Serve

Jesus taught that to be great in the kingdom of heaven, one must be a servant of all. He demonstrated this at the Last Supper by washing his disciples' feet and instituting the breaking of bread.

Scene 4 Jesus Prays to God

In the Garden of Gethsemane right before Jesus was arrested, beaten, mocked, and crucified, Jesus prayed to God for strength.

Scene 5 Jesus Before Pilate

The Jewish leaders took Jesus before the Roman ruler Pontius Pilate to try to have him executed.

Scene 6 Jesus on the Road to Calvary

Jesus carries his cross to the hill outside Jerusalem where he is to be crucified.

Scene 7 Jesus Is Crucified

The cruel death sentence is carried out by the Roman soldiers.

Scene 8 Jesus on the Cross

The Bible records several events that occured while Jesus was hanging on the cross: The offering of vinegar, the spear in the side, etc.

Scene 9 The Death of Jesus

Jesus dies, and is taken off the cross and mourned by the women who followed him around during his ministry.

Scene 10 The Resurrection

Jesus is raised from the dead! The angel opens the tomb, and Mary Magdalene sees Jesus outside the tomb.

Scene 11 Jesus Ascends Into Heaven

After spending some time with the disciples after his resurrection, Jesus is taken into heaven in sight of the disciples.