What the Author Says About The Victor

"God does not anoint that which He does not initiate." What a powerful phrase!- a phrase that really made me think and reevaluate my music.

In an industry of marketing, deadlines, and quotas, it is sometimes difficult to "sit back" and just wait on the Lord to see what He wants to say through us.

THE VICTOR was completely created, written, arranged, orchestrated and recorded....in 19 days. I could not keep my pencil sharpened fast enough to write what was in my heart, but then maybe I didn't write it. I felt God's power, His presence and His peace through every song, every idea, and every downbeat.

This work was created to be "acted out." It is not a "choir-robe" type presentation (unless multi-media can be involved). It is very dramatic and "film-scorish" throughout. (How many programs begin with a resurrection within the first twenty-two seconds?)

We are guided through the final days of Jesus' earthly ministry by a man named, Benjamin. Benjamin (a fictitious character) is a Jewish religious leader, but curious and concerned about Jesus. Could He possibly be the Messiah!

My prayer is that your hearts and minds will be one with the Father and that He can truly anoint this message in your life and your ministry.

All Hail the Power ...THE VICTOR.

In His service together,
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David T. Clydesdale