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A dog owner says her popular pet is often stopped on their walks for pictures by strangers who liken his look Joe Exotic from the hit documentary Tiger King.

Ella Mae Mullins, from Memphis, US, says that after she saw all the kids in the area get a mullet haircut, she wanted her nine-year-old Pomimo called George Washington to keep up with the fashion.

George’s hair was cut short except for a strand of long, flowing locks down the back of his neck – and now everyone thinks he looks like a celebrity doppelganger.

She said: “It really makes me laugh that people have resembled him to the likes of Joe Exotic and people find it hilarious that he reminds them so much of him.

“I think it is a mixture between his golden blonde locks and the mullet haircut that makes them look so similar.

“I can see the resemblance between them for sure, but my George Washington is just a way cuter version of course.

“We didn’t want him to miss out on the fun of a mullet, even if that means he bears a resemblance to Joe Exotic. We have been getting his haircut like a lion for a few years now, and we just thought we would switch it up a bit.

“It was actually mainly my husband’s idea to go for a mullet. He thought it would make a nice change from his usual style, and as he is so cute anyway, we knew he would look great with it.

“So we just asked the groomer to make it happen. It’s amazing.”

Ella says they are often stopped on the street for pictures as strangers comment on “how awesome and cute he looks”.

She says she was left in hysterics after first seeing the look when taking him home from the groomers, adding: “I think he loves his new hair too. He seems to rock it really well.

“George loves attention anyway, so he has been especially loving all the extra attention he has been getting due to his new mullet.”