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The time must surely have come for Paula Vennells to be stripped of her ordained status in the Church of England, not to mention her appointment as a CBE (Court clears 39 post office operators convicted due to ‘corrupt data’, 23 April). How is her pursuit of the subpostmasters when chief executive of the Post Office to be reconciled with her Christian ministry, and what constituted her “services to the Post Office”?
Bruce Purvis
Winchester, Hampshire

Can Cressida Dick please explain why it was appropriate for police to break up a largely female vigil on Clapham Common following the death of Sarah Everard but not appropriate to disperse the largely male demonstration outside Chelsea Football Club following an announcement about the new Super League?
Margaret Silverstein

We both cried out “No! Say it isn’t so” when we read in Steve Bell’s If… strip (26 April) that it “is about to breathe its last”. Hopefully this only means Bell is ending this strip to begin a new one?
Joy and Nick Murphy
Finstock, Oxfordshire

We “hunt” the Guardian (Letters, 25 April). Our delivery person hurls it in the general direction of the house. On a good day, it might end up in the front porch; otherwise it might be anywhere on the path, in a flowerbed or behind a bush.
Rhoda Allen
Watford, Hertfordshire

Re Penny Munday’s request for a better epithet for the PM (Letters, 25 April), surely I won’t be the first to suggest Dom and Dumber to cover both his ex-adviser and him?
Francis Bowdery
Loughborough, Leicestershire