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A man whose dad aroused suspicion while driving in his van has shared his account of what happened – and has had thousands of people in hysterics.

Jack Bainbridge has gone viral after defending his dad from suspicious locals after he was was observed taking a photo of a dog on the street.

Suspicious observers warned he might be a dog-napper on social media, but Jack actually revealed his dad was shocked at the dog’s weight.

On Facebook, he wrote a defence of his dad, and it quickly went viral with more than 48,000 shares.

One man wrote: “Sorry but I just nearly wet the bed laughing. ‘That fat lump. You have made my day.”

Another replied: “He’s a plasterer not a dog pincher, crying.”

“Feel sorry for your dad, but your post is so funny!”, a third wrote.

“I thought it was a sheep,” admitted another, while another added: “Poor dog, he’s just existing.”

One woman added: “Arh don’t mock the dog, lockdown has hit some of us harder than others.”

Meanwhile, two dogswere left looking completely unrecognisable after going in to get their fur trimmed.

The two golden doodles belong to a TikTok user who posts under the username @itsmeclao and it’s fair to say the pooches weren’t impressed at their unwanted transformation

The dogs ended up looking like a completely different breed when their owner picked them up from a groomers recently, leaving people in hysterics.

She shared the transformation on TikTok where it racked up millions of views.