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News for nerds

The questions
1 Which London terminus is named after a prime minister?
2 Which film boosted US sales of pinot noir wine?
3 What was blocked in March by Ever Given?
4 Which rodents’ migrations were mistaken for mass suicide?
5 The Trojan Palladium was a statue of which deity?
6 Who was famously bequeathed a “second best bed”?
7 Which earthwork roughly follows the England-Wales border?
8 Which musical inspired Anatevka, a refugee village in Ukraine?
What links:
9 Stray dog; football; cod; oranges; ear; bucket?
10 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; Joyce Banda; Sahle-Work Zewde?
11 Neptune; Four Rivers; Boat; Triton; Trevi?
12 Clay; corncob; briar; meerschaum?
13 Frank Sinatra; Christopher Lee; Steve Martin?
14 US Virgin Islands; Serampore & Nicobar Islands, India?
15 Two fish; two bovids; crustacean; cat; arachnid?

The answers
1 Liverpool Street Station (Lord Liverpool).
2 Sideways.
3 Suez Canal.
4 Lemmings.
5 Pallas (Athena).
6 Anne Hathaway (in Shakespeare’s will).
7 Offa’s Dyke.
8 Fiddler On The Roof.
9 Gave names to wars: Greece & Bulgaria; El Salvador & Honduras; Iceland & UK; Spain & Portugal; Spain and Britain; Modena & Bologna.
10 Female African presidents: Liberia; Malawi; Ethiopia (current).
11 Fountains in Rome.
12 Types of tobacco pipe.
13 Played The Man With… in films: The Golden Arm; The Golden Gun; Two Brains.
14 Formerly Danish colonial possessions.
15 Real animals in the zodiac: Pisces; Taurus, Aries; Cancer; Leo; Scorpio.