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Quiplash is, without question, my extended family’s favorite game for group gatherings. (Technically, we play Quiplash 2, included in Jackbox Party Pack 3, but they’re extremely similar games.) The premise is simple. At the beginning of a round, players will be given prompts to fill in an answer privately on their smartphones or browser. Then, everyone will get to vote on which response was the best by seeing them pitted head-to-head on the main screen (whether that’s a TV, a Zoom call, a Twitch stream, etc.). More votes equal more points, and the person with the most points at the end wins.

My family can spend hours in Quiplash trying to make each other cry tears of joy with ever-more ridiculous answers. After years of playing, we now have dozens of Quiplash-related in-jokes (to my family reading this: SSQ), and there are even phrases we’ve had to ban because people used them too much. Best of all, Quiplash is really easy to play — all you need is a device with a browser. At the price of free, I definitely recommend picking it up.