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It’s been a tough year for everyone, and extra stress always seems to fall on our moms. No matter how old you are, if mom is alive, she’s probably still there for you, and she probably still worries. Well, here’s an inspiring Mother’s Day idea that will make her day.

Inspired by the life-changing impact small acts of kindness had on his family during a very difficult time in their lives, author Brad Aronson decided to start collecting real-life stories about moments when a small act of kindness changes a life or has a ripple effect transforming thousands of lives.

Read the story about a $20 gift that gave birth to thousands of Secret Santas who have given away over $1.5 million to people in need. And the story about Gabriel Aljalian, who at six years old created a “Day of Kindness” that inspires thousands of kind acts around the world every year.

And the one about Pamela Rainey Lawler, who saw opportunity in the food that restaurants threw away. Although experts told her she was crazy, she started delivering that food to nonprofits in her station wagon with her kids in tow, and her efforts sparked a movement that now feeds more than 90,000 people a week.

Brad’s book, HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act At a Time is a national bestseller that has been called “the most uplifting and life-affirming book in years” (Forbes) and has been lauded by Deepak Chopra, People magazine and many others.

“The most satisfying part of writing my book has been the emails I’m getting from people who tell me how much better they feel after reading it and how they’re inspired to take action,” Brad told GNN.

It’s the perfect antidote for these times. The stories will remind you that despite the crises that seem to hit us one after another, there’s also a powerful force of good in the world.

And on a practical level, HumanKind provides the tools to be part of that force. Every chapter includes suggestions for improving your own community through small acts of kindness, and the comprehensive resources section lists avenues for aiding and donating to just about any cause devoted to filling the massive needs out there.

The book will touch your heart and leave you grateful for what you have. You’ll also shed a few happy tears when you read the beautiful stories. It’s a great gift for someone who has been a source of kindness in your life.

And, on top of that, all proceeds from sales of HumanKind go to the nonprofit Big Brothers Big Sisters, so consider the book for your next gift or graduation purchase, available for under $15.