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Ash Barty enjoys birthday weekend with two titles on same day

World No 1 Ash Barty celebrated her birthday weekend by winning two titles – and a brand new sports car – at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart after

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Tim Dowling: whatever the vet thinks, my cat is not called Graham

When I wake, my left eyelid is heavy and sore to the touch, as if I had been punched the previous evening. I don’t recall this happening, but I suppose

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Verizon loses more-than-expected wireless subscribers

Verizon Communications Inc said on Wednesday it lost more wireless subscribers than expected during the first quarter as it battled intense competition from T-Mobile US Inc and AT&T Inc to

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Disney’s amazing bipedal robot Groot looks like Asimo discovered cosplay

Disney’s R&D labs, commonly known as its Imagineering team, does some extremely impressive — and expressive — things with robots. It’s made mechanical stunt doubles, lifelike alien Na’vi, and, uh,

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Prancer the ‘Demonic Chihuahua’ Who Went Viral Finds Dream Forever Home

Some pet owners get a kick from dressing their mellow-tempered puppers in ‘Chuckie’ garb for Halloween, but in everyday life, when dogs aren’t treated with care and socialized properly, the

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